Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Latasha Taylor and I LOVE down home southern cuisine!  I come from a long line of great cooks so I guess you could say that cooking is just in my dna.  I've been creating masterpieces in the kitchen for more than 20 years and my passion continues to grow and thrive for this art form.  My mission is to have my clientele experience ecstasy, comfort, and total gratification from my meals.  I strive for each meal to remind you of times gone by and incite anticipation for what is yet to come. 

 My earliest memories are of me sitting at the table in my maternal grandmother’s kitchen and studying her canning vegetables and homemade applesauce.  I would ask a million questions about what she was doing and why she did certain things-techniques.  She would patiently answer each one and allow me to assist or give me some of what she was making to keep me quiet for just a while.  That kitchen was a magical place for me.  It was a sanctuary where you could take a little of this and a little of that and wha-la!   Great food miraculously appeared and with the food people seemed to come from everywhere.  The neighbors, family, people from the church would all migrate to my grandmother’s small home and into her tiny kitchen hoping to get a taste of what Mrs. Hattie Marie Bond was preparing. 

 My grandmother did in fact ignite the passion in me for cooking, but my mother and aunt, who are amazing cooks in their own right, fanned the flames of this passion and gift that God placed in me.  It gives me tremendous joy to express my love and self through the foods I cook and to see the expressions of excitement, bliss, and total satisfaction from people experiencing it. 

I am licensed, insured, serv-safe certified, and a professionally trained-Honor Student of Stratford University’s Advanced Culinary Arts, and a member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association.  I have cooked over the past couple of decades for families, conferences, workshops, parties, showers, anniversaries, and for romantic occasions.  My focus and vision are always excellence in the service I provide. 

Remember me the next time you have a special occasion planned and want only the best without all the stress.

            “Don’t Waste Your Time ~ N'Joy Your Life!