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Focus on N'Joying Your Life:  Spirit, Soul, and Body – and get all of your questions surrounding food and nutrition cleared up once and for all. Whether you are a sugar junkie, or a generally healthy eater, your consultation will be customized to where you currently are in regards to food and health – and guide you to where you would like to be.If you are looking for general healthy eating tips, need help navigating food allergies, or are clueless about what to eat on a specific diet, a comprehensive consultation is designed to get you on track. You will leave our appointment inspired and motivated to create lasting change.  Included:

  • 60 minute appointment to discuss food/health goals, and how to get on track
  • E-mail recap of appointment with 3-5 specific steps to achieve goals
  • Any requested information or recipes discussed in appointment
  • One week of email support for questions
  • A complimentary two-week follow-up that includes a 30 minute appointment to provide accountability, answer further questions, and take next steps towards food/health goals​.

Appointments available via phone and Skype.


Get back to basics and forever change how you think, look and feel. By popular demand, I have created a program that includes my favorite, time tested, life changing principals that have worked for me and with my clients. If you are sick of being a stumbling block to yourself, confused about how to reach your ultimate health, wellness, and/or weight goals, this 7 week program will clear everything up.  This program includes 7 sessions that take place every week.  

The Kickstart Program will show you:

  • What affordable, delicious ‘superfoods’ you should be eating to curb your cravings
  • The best way to start your day that will decrease appetite, reduce calorie consumption, and create a desire for healthy foods
  • How to have a healthy relationship with food and end emotional eating
  • That you can effortlessly prepare delicious, wholesome meals – even with a super busy schedule


  • 60 minute session to design your customized life and wholeness action plan
  • 7-weekly self-paced activities to lead you to a better life now from the inside out.
  • 7-weekly self-care Virtual Moments
  • PLUS 7 weekly "deep dive" training calls designed to give you what you need to break free, not someday...but now!
  • Special limited access to my recipe reserve exclusive to premiere clients, customized for you
  • Unlimited email support during the program

You deserve to be healthy, happy and content.  You are unique and priceless and it's time for you to shine.  Invest in YOU today!

Schedule a consultation today so we can discuss your needs. 

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